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Harmony 365

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College along with the Logan/Boone Chapter of the NAACP established Harmony Week in 1996. This Harmony Week Partnership with Southern and the NAACP has grown substantially for the past several years and has expanded to Mingo, McDowell, Boone, Lincoln, and Wyoming counties. The purpose of this collaboration is to increase participation in higher education and economic development, focus on relationship building between community groups and organizations, foster better understanding of the subcultures which exist in our region, and promote diversity, tolerance, and social justice in our citizenry. Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, representatives of the local chapters of the NAACP, local school systems, and family resource networks expanded their focus with Harmony Week and developed partnerships between the organizations and provide data and information for the group. The steering committee will meet throughout the fiscal year at alternating locations.

Harmony Week began as a one day celebration on the Logan Campus in 1996. The celebration was so successful that the duration of the Harmony Week was increased to a month. In April 2009, Southern began Harmony 365, whereby expanding the Harmony Week celebration to include activities during each month of the year. All four of Southern’s campuses (Logan, Boone/Lincoln, Williamson, and Wyoming/McDowell County) are now hosting Harmony Week events.

Harmony 365 will bring about community and cultural harmony. The events will hallmark Southern as the key leader in achieving social justice and educational, social, and economic change in southern West Virginia. As we break down the walls of prejudice and ignorance, we build relationships and friendships with our fellow citizens and communities.