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Student Right To Know Act

Student Right To Know Act

 Section 103 of the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 as amended by the Higher Education Technical Amendments of 1991 requires public disclosure of relevant graduation and transfer rate information for students enrolled in colleges and universities receiving federal financial assistance. Student Right-To-Know (STRK) is a consumer information report designed for public access to relevant graduation and transfer information to enable students to make informed decisions regarding college choice. Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College makes available to currently enrolled as well as prospective students the graduation and transfer rate for the most recent cohort of entering students that have had an opportunity to complete or graduate from their respective programs in the specified three year completion period.

The Student Right-To-Know report is a cohort based study.  The cohort is made up of students who enrolled as first time college students who attended full-time and had declared themselves as degree seeking. The graduation and transfer rate for the cohort is calculated three years after the cohort's initial date of enrollment. These numbers can be misleading because many community college students attend part-time. Those students are not included in this report. For the 2010 fall semester, 41.95% of all Southern students attended part-time.  Students with goals other than transfer or degrees are not included in the data as well.

In compliance with federal regulations, Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has made available the graduation and transfer rates for the 2010 cohort. The data is presented below.


2013 / 2014 Report Data for Cohort Year 2010:

 Graduation Rate within 150% of normal time to completion (3 Years) - 9%

Transfer out Rate - 12%

Source of Data: IPEDS.  Click here for the full IPEDS report for Southern.

Other available relevant completion, retention and passage rates for Southern are included in the annual West Virginia Higher Education Report Card.

Report Card can be found at Community and Technical College System of West Virginia

Crime Statistics for Southern can be found here.