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Instructor Science/Math

Campus:  Wyoming/McDowell Campus                          Full-time 9 month Term Faculty with Benefits

Expectations: While a faculty teaching load of 30 credit hours in an academic year will include primary responsibilities for teaching and assessing leearning; institutional service; advising; and professional development, the college seeks to break the frame that traditionally surrounds faculty assignments, especially since academic needs vary.  As such, faculty should expect to integrate with their primary responsibilities some combination of the following.  Creating experiential learning opportunities and assessment techniques, i.e, work based & service learning; portifolio assessment, including developing and evaluating learning portfolios; Mentoring students from target groups, new full-time faculty and adjunct faculty.  Designing, formatting and delivering curriculum for synchronous and asynchronous learning.  Candidate must train and consult for workforce initiatives, i.e for public and corporate partners.  Candidate must develop & implement community education and extended learning programs.  Candidate must partner with colleagues to enhance services to students and the community, and strengthen relations and collaborative activities with K-12 & baccalaureate-granting colleaues, i.e Tech Prep, School-to-Work, 2+2 Programs.  Requirements:  Master's Degree in a science or math field.  We seek a candidate who can teach both mathematics and science.  Therefore, a master's degree in one with significant coursework in one or more of the others is accpetable.  Community college teaching experience is preferred but not required.  Candidates must also be willing to develop and teach courses online.  Computer skills using office production software is preferred.  Knowledge of and experience with a varienty of instructional strategies is required.  This position will be housed at our Wyoming/McDowell Campus, but teaching at other campuses might be required to fill teaching load or serve the needs of the students.  All applicants should be team players with the ability to work well with others.  Review of Applications will begin on September 1, 2018.  Position will remain open until filled.