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Instructional Specialist / Agriculture

Campus: Williamson and Off-Site           Full-time 12 month Term Faculty with Benefits - Grant Funded

One of Southern's highest priorities is meeting the current and future educational needs of the communities it serves.  We are strategically positioned to set and surpass new standards of excellence in our primary teaching and learning mission.  Guided by principles that emphasize educational programs and student success especially in learning and continuous improvement, we envision Southern as a premier learning organization that is in the forefront of community college technical education.  We welcome qualified faculty who integrate learning outcome assessment techniques in their instructional planning, curriculum design, and teaching activities; apply technology to the teaching and learning process; deliver instruction in a variety of formats; understand and apply organizational theory; thrive in cross-functional roles; collaborate in flexible, imaginative problem solving; make data-driven decisions; integrate interdisciplinary and global perspectives into their methology.  Requirements:  Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture, Agriculture Education, Horticulture, Soil and Crop Management, Agroecology, Animal and Nutritional Science, Agriculture Mechanics, or Agribusiness required.  Experience in crop management, hydroponics, or master gardener certification preferred Comparable combination of education, experience, and credentials may be considered.  Must have experience in project management, excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to work with others in a team environment, and excellent organizational skills and computer skills.  Must demonstrate a willingness to develop and teach courses online and use alternative delivery modes.  Expectations:  While a faculty teaching load of 30 credit hours in an academic year will include primary responsibilities for teaching and assessing assignments, especially since academic needs vary.  As such, faculty should expect to integrate with their primary responsibilities creating expertiential learning opportunities and assessment techniques (i.e., work-based and service learning portfolio assessment, including developing and evaluating learning portfolios, etc.) menoring students from target groups, new full-time faculty and adjunct faculty; designing, formatting and delivering curriculum for synchronous and asynchronous learning; training and consulting for workforce initiatives (i.e., for public and corporate partners, etc.); developing and implementing community education and extended learning programs; partnering with colleagues to enhance services to students and the community through recruiting and marketing, advising with expanded responsibilities, and devising retention strategies and activities; strengthening relations and collaborative activities with K-12 and baccalaureate-granting colleagues (i.e., Tech-Prep, School-to-Work, 2+2 Programs).   Position will remail open until filled.