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Director of Campus Operations

Campus:  Boone/Lincoln                              Non-Classified:                                                           Full-time with Benefits

Job Summary:  This is an Administrative position that reports to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, to provide direction and management of the facilities located on the Boone and Lincoln campuses.  Areas of oversight include the physical plant, purchasing, maintenance, custodial and landscape of the campues, fleet management, business office, switchboard, and receptionist.  Represents the College in the community.  Assigned additional duties to support the mission of the College.  Performs work independently and reviewed by hte supervisor as needed.  Responsibilities:  Annual goals and objectives, budget recommendation and monitoring of the campus; Supervises and evaluates assigned staff and makes recommendations regarding employment, disciplinary actins and dismissals; Must approve time and leave in the KRONOS system; Serves on Governance Committees including Executive Council and Facilities and Safety; Represents the College at public, social and business events in the service areas and serves on various College and external committees as assigned; Assists in developing and reviewing policies and  procedures to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and other College administrators; Chairs the Campus Crisis Managemet Team and holds regular meetings with the team to prepare for potential emergencies; Must keep the campus based emergency plan up-to-date with a copy filed in the President's office; Works with the local police, fire and ambulance and county emergency manager to ensure the safety fo the students, employees and guests; Serves as the safety coordinator for the campus; Works with internal maintenance and vendors to provide necessary maintenance of systems and equipment; Conducts fire drills and other life safety activities; Responsible for key management; Assigns rooms for non-teaching activities; Approves all signs posted on campus; Participates in recruitment activities, financial aid services, registration, student support services, student orientation, and student government activities; Establish effective relationships with the k-12 schools and media in the service area to promote the college. Qualifications:  The college values education and this position requires the appropriate education and/or formal training necessary to complete the required assignments; Valid drivers license required.  Experience: A minimum of five years experience in facility management consistent with the duties of this position.  This position will remain open until filled.