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Dean of the School of Career and Technical Studies

Campus:  Logan                                                Non-Classified                    Full-Time with Benefits

Responsibilities:  Provide vision and leadership for a diverse, dynamic, and innovative community of faculty, staff, and students.  Provide year-round leadership, management, participation in the development and operation of instructional programs.  Promote the assessment of student outcomes to determine the effectiveness of student learning and programs.  Support the development of innovative teaching strategies and deliveries.  Hold meetings with faculty to ensure communication, collaboration, and effectiveness of programs.  Participate in the evaluation of faculty.  Support a climate that promotes innovation and improved service to students and the community.  Promote and facilitate faculty participation in student recruitment, advising, and retention activities.  Coordinate the development of class schedules, faculty load, and enrollment for program efficiency.  Work with the community, local schools, and college representatives to create educational partnerships between the college and the community.  Monitor local and regional labor market trends and engage on a regular basis with employers to ensure the school's programs are responsive to local and regional workforce development needs.  Assist the college programs in acquiring funding and other resources through grant-seeking in collaboration with the grants office, partnerships with employers, and cooperative efforts with other local and regional entities.  Ensure the preparation of all reports and records for grant and other specially funded program, and assist faculty and administrator in development and compliance issue for programs.  Organize, manage, and participate in the annual planning and budgeting process.  Develop and achieve annual enrollment objectives consistent with the goals of the college. Actively participate in recruitment and retention efforts.  Coordinate with Campus Directors in the assignment of classrooms and related facilities required for instruction.  Provide leadership for and contribute to the accreditation process.  Participate in institutional governance.  Employ appropriate techniques and strategies to resolve disputes and to enhance communication and cooperation among the community members.  Perform other related duties as assigned.  Requirements:  Master's Degree in related field and must meet the minimum requirements for teaching within the school.  Must have a minimum of five years teaching experience in higher education, with at least two of those years at the community college level.  Thorough knowledge and understanding of the mission and philosophy of the community college environment.  Ability to carry out assignments requiring the organization of material, analysis of data, and preparation of pertinent recommendations.  Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of effective supervision.  Ability to express ideas effectively both orally and in writing.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrative personnel, faculty, classified staff, students and the general public.  Ability to work independently and simultaneously on projects of varied complexity, carrying out each to its conclusion with a very high level of effectiveness.  Ability to travel to on- and off-campus locations.  Ability to speak in public before large groups, tasks forces, or working committees and articulate controversial issues.  Experience that demonstrates resourceful approaches to handling budgetary matters that includes the ability to plan, develop, and manage complex budgets.  Experience exhibiting the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and credibility. Must possess ability to exercise group leadership skills, which emphasize collaboration, consensus building, conflict resolution, and problem solving.  Must possess ability and willingness to manage multiple priorities and projects.  For full consideration, applications has been extended to May 8, 2018.