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Information Systems Technician

Campus:  Williamson                                      Non-Classified

Responsibilities:  Provides technology, training and support for students, faculty and staff.  Maintains technology services for student computer labs and other college departments.  Works closely with other staff or troubleshoot technology issues related to ICR courses, network issues, and PC/PC performance issues.  Maintains a campus technology inventory and communicates needs to appropriate technology staff.  Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the User Services Manager or Chief Information Officer.  Requirements:  Associate Degree in Computer Science or related field, plus two years related experience required.  Any equivalent combination of recent formal training and directly related experience will be considered.  Successful candidate must possess excellent training/communication skills, operating knowledge of LANS, ability to diagnose and resolve hardware and software problems, and possess abiltiy to do PC installation, configuration and upgrades.  Understanding of Mircrosoft operating systems at the PC and server levels in order to troubleshoot and configure hardware and software.  Good written, oral  and interpersonal communication skills.  Application Review begins on Thursday, January 11, 2018.