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Campus Maintenance Specialist

Campus:  Logan                                        Full-Time Classified with Benefits

Responsibilities:  Ability to perform all required carpentry, electrical, welding, plumbing, and HVAC tasks.  Ability to use operate tools and equipment.  Ability to use electrical meters, air conditioning manifold gauges, torches, heat load analyzer.  Ability to work on ladders and scaffolds.  Maintains all air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, electrical, generators, boilers.  Correct water leak in pumps and ensures that air pressure and waste temperatures, visual checks, investigates unusual or exessive noises, and checks amp load of all units.  Diagnose and correct problems with relays, capacitors, contactors, overloads, thermostats, transformers, control circuits, power circuits, refrigeration systems, condensing units and evaporator coils and cooling tower.  Troubleshoots all electrical components of systems. Repair and operate emergency generators.  Responsible for electrical motors of all types, electrical systems which controls all phases.  Install ballasts and electrical switches of all types.  Installs and repairs interior walls, partitions, insulation, dry wall, wood trim.  Demolition and renovation as needed.  Assemble, repair, and install office furniture and educational equipment.  Repair appliances as needed.  Repair and install lighting, outlets, switches as needed.  Requires:  Education equivalent to an associate degree.  Completion of vocational training program in HVAC, Carpentry, and Electricity.  Any acceptable combination of education, training, apprenticeships, and experiences will suffice.  West Virginia Electrician License/Certification, Plumber License/Certification, HVAC are required.  Three to five years of extensive experience in electrical, HVAC, troubleshooting, Freon Reclamation, boiler operation, reading blueprints and schematics, plumbing, pipefitting, etc.  Carpenter, plumbing, electrical experience.  Knowledge of transformers, load capacities and size of K.V.A. lighting load and heating/air conditioning loads, high voltage, low voltage, brand circuits, receptacle circuits, computer leads, troubleshooting all four voltage types (480, 277, 208, 120) including line voltage and load voltage.  Application review will begin on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.  Position will be open until filled.