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Non-Classified       Full-Time with benefits      
Campus:   Logan Campus   Responsibilities:  This position reports directly to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and is responsible for overall planning, organizing, and executing all Information Technology functions, which includes directing all information technology operations to meet client requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing infrastructure, applications, and development of new technical solutions.  Provides overall leadership and direction for and to the Information Technology Unit and organizes, administers, assigns and delegates responsibilities to all areas of oversight subject to applicable laws, policies and procedures.  Provides leadership and coordination in the overall preparation and implementation of institutional technology planning.  Maintains the integrity and continual operation of the information technology network.  Leads and implements network-related projects such as installation, upgrade, configuration, and review of directory structures, rights, security, software and servers.  Develops and recommends policies and procedures to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for all areas of responsibility.  Participates in the strategic planning effort in regard to areas of responsibility.  Provides administration direction for network services, applications services, and user services.  Fosters positive college environment which promotes diversity and excellence in all areas of responsibility.   Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems, or related field is required (Master’s degree preferred), plus relevant experience of six years with a bachelor’s degree or five years with a master’s degree in a technical role with leadership and management experience in the field.  Must have thorough knowledge and understanding of technology principles, practices, and methods, and thorough knowledge and understanding of the mission and philosophy of the community college environment.  Must have the ability to carry out assignments requiring the organization of material, analysis of data, and preparation of pertinent recommendations.  Must demonstrate considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of effective supervision.  Must be able to express ideas effectively both orally and in writing, and establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrative personnel, faculty, classified staff, students and the general public.  Must demonstrate the ability to work independently and simultaneously on projects of varied complexity, carrying out each to its conclusion with a very high level of effectiveness.  Must have knowledge of administrative survey techniques and skill in their application.  Must be able to travel to on- and off-campus locations.  Must have ability to speak in public before large groups, tasks forces, or working committees and articulate controversial issues.  Must demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of various network protocols, Microsoft, and Linux operating system; considerable knowledge of programming and configuring Cisco switches and routers; and knowledge of BANNER and Oracle database tables.  Must have experience that demonstrates resourceful approaches to handling budgetary matters that includes the ability to plan, develop, and manage complex budgets.  Must exhibit the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and credibility; ability to exercise group leadership skills, which emphasize collaboration, consensus building, conflict resolution, and problem solving; and ability and willingness to manage multiple priorities and projects.  Application review begins Monday, January 9, 2017.