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Executive Council

Debra Teachman, Chair
Pamela Alderman
Allyn Sue Barker
Carl Baisden
Carol Cole
William ‘Bill’ Cook
Melissa Creakman
Bruce Curry
Debbie Dingess
Marcus Gibbs
Chris Gray*

Steven Hall
Gary Holeman
August Kafer
Steven Lacek
Ronald Lemon
Samuel Litteral
David Lord
Guy Lowes
Kimberly Maynard
Patricia Miller
Mary Nemeth-Pyles
Charles Puckett*

Rita Roberson
Melinda Saunders
Randy Skeens
Darrell Taylor
Dianna Toler
Teri Wells
Jackie Whitley

Nancy Fala, Recorder

Vice President, Academic Affairs and Student Services
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Vice President, Workforce and Community Development
Director, Mine Training and Energy Technologies
Public Relations Specialist
Director, Boone/Lincoln Campus Operations
Director of Purchasing
Program Manager, Community Leadership Development
Board of Governors Classified Staff Representative
Director of Media
Manager, Business and Auxiliary Services, Williamson Campus
Classified Staff Council Chair
Division Head, Healthcare and Business
Chief Information Officer
Director, Student Financial Assistance
Division Head, Social Sciences, Education and Non-traditional
Vice President, Development
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Director, Wyoming/McDowell Campus Operations
Division Head, Applied and Industrial Technology
Director of Libraries
Manager, Business and Auxiliary Services, Logan Campus
Board of Governors Faculty Representative
Faculty Senate Chair
Advisory Council of Faculty Representative
Director, Williamson Campus Operations
Division Head, University Transfer
Director, Logan Campus Operations
Director, Enrollment Management and Student Engagement
Director, Disability and Adult Services
Advisory Council of Classified Employees Representative
Workforce Director