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Quality Integrated Services Committee


The committee is charged with continuous review of processes and services to be delivered to students and other customers of the College.  The committee provides recommendations to any unit responsible for delivery of such services for the purpose of improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of such processes and services.  The committee will conduct a regular review and evaluation of services including but not limited to assessment and collection of tuition and fees, refunds, bookstore services, food services, recruitment efforts, admissions, registration processes, financial aid, technology support, and the availability and access to various technologies needed to enhance the delivery, effectiveness and efficiency of these services.  Any decisions that impact the Enrollment Management Plan must be shared with the Enrollment Management Committee to resolve any potential issues or concerns.


The Quality Integrated Services Committee will submit recommendations to the appropriate administrative unit and/or the Executive Council.


The Chair and Vice Chair shall be elected by committee members.


The committee is comprised of twenty-one (21) members and seven (7) ex-officio non-voting members:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Officer for Students
  • Counselor II – elected by the classified staff assembly
  • Director of Campus Operations – Boone/Lincoln
  • Director of Campus Operations – Logan
  • Director of Campus Operations – Williamson
  • Director of Campus Operations – Wyoming/McDowell
  • Director of Enrollment Management and Student Engagement
  • Director of Student Financial Assistance
  • Faculty at-large – one (1) from the Divisions of Applied and Industrial Technology OR Healthcare and Business – elected by the faculty assembly
  • Faculty at-large – one (1) from the Divisions of University Transfer OR Social Sciences, Education, and Non-traditional Programs – elected by the faculty assembly
  • Information Technology Representative – elected by the classified staff assembly
  • Manager of Business and Auxiliary Services  – Logan
  • Manager of Business and Auxiliary Services – Williamson
  • Program Coordinator/Veteran’s Support
  • Registrar
  • Student Program Advisor – Boone/Lincoln
  • Student Program Advisor – Logan
  • Student Program Advisor – Williamson
  • Student Program Advisor – Wyoming/McDowell
  • Student Records Assistant – elected by the classified staff assembly
  • Workforce Development Representative – appointed by the unit vice president

Ex-officio Non-voting Members

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director of Media
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
  • Vice President for Development
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Vice President for Workforce and Community Development


  • 20 Voting Members; Quorum = 11 (50% + 1); [Committee Chair is a non-voting member except in the case of a tie vote; Vacant positions not counted for quorum.]

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